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Nutrients Overview

Recommended intake levels, upper limits, dangers of exceeding those limits for all the major nutrients, and brief descriptions of their functions in our bodies.

Between the Sheets

More detailed nutrient profiles, plus lists of foods richest in those nutrients.

Leading the Charts

Articles showcasing especially nutrient rich foods, and lots of data on what they're made of. Mmmmh, data..

Under Review

Taking a closer look at supposed super foods, nutritional myths, and common misconceptions.

Announcement: FooDosage on Reddit

I’m proud to announce that the FooDosage subreddit is now officially open for business! This is the place for you if… you have something to say about an article on, be it praise, criticism, or a typo report.. you need support for the Nutrition Calculator, or you want to share your thoughts on […]

Between the Sheets: Vitamin A – Top Food Sources,

What we call Vitamin A is actually a group of so called retinoids. (Retinol, retinal, and retinyl esters). Retinal in particular is critically important for maintaining normal vision. They are also needed for gene expression, reproduction, embryonic development, immune function, cell growth and differentiation and the maintenance of the lungs, kidney, and heart, among other […]